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LET'S DO THEOLOGY is the key text for all who wish to do theology in an exciting and transformative way. Accessible and practical, whilst at the same time addressing the key 

questions about the nature and challenges of theology, this book will enable readers to bring together their faith and their life’s issues, and also help students of theology face the challenge of how academic theology can be life-transforming.


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Listening intently to what the poor have to say is Laurie Green’s way into a new study of Jesus’ most famous Beatitude – "Blessed are the Poor". Combining years of pavement-level experience with informed biblical analysis he sets out for us how the perspective of the poor opens us up to new biblical and theological insights. These issue in a radical rethink about mission and what it means to be Church in a post-secular society.  The book introduces us to Britain’s poorest housing estates and with the voices of the poor ringing in our ears, then uses the radical edge of contextual theology to draw out from that a prophetic challenge to each one of us, and to a Church which is reluctant to respond seriously to the challenges of the Beatitudes. A very challenging and stimulating read.  

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                  URBAN MINISTRY
          & THE KINGDOM OF GOD

a Church Times "Book of the Year"

With 90 per cent of the UK population now living in urban and suburban environments, the need for a practicable theology that can be applied in our cities and towns has never been greater. Laurie Green, a published author in the field of contextual theology, seeks to meet that need here. He begins with an overview of the history of urban ministry and notes what radical change has occurred in recent years. He then reflects on past and present urban development and ministry, in the light of the Gospels. Finally, he asks how those in ministry should respond to the delights and challenges that the urban world now provides.
Urban Ministry and the Kingdom of God is an accessible and enjoyable resource for students of urban ministry and mission, and essential reading for all those living     and working in an urban or suburban setting.

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This book of just 56 pages has been translated into Japanese, Tamil, Portugese and Spanish and has been heralded around the world as offering foundational thinking about how Globalisation and the Urbanisation dynamically affect each other. Our cities are only as they are because of the global and so any urban practitioner needs to know how this works if their own projects are to make sense on this wider canvas. THIS BOOK WAS KEY TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ANGLICAN URBAN NETWORK and spells out why the Anglican Church is well placed to engage these issues.
Published by the Urban Bishops Panel, Church House, Westminster, 2000 (pp 56), ISBN 9-9990-0874-

Translated into Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese in 2003, and into Tamil in 2004           AVAILABLE DIRECT FROM BISHOP LAURIE  only a few left!

   a Church Times "Book of the Year"

David Sheppard introduces this unique and stimulating book which challenges our understanding of what theology is, who it is for, and calls into question the whole pattern of theological training and Christian Ministry.

POWER TO THE POWERLESS traces what happens when theology is lifted out of the confines of academia and is placed in the hands of ordinary Christians in a working class parish in Birmingham.

Exploring the meaning of the parables for their own inner-city setting, they draw out a stunning analysis of the urban dilemma and discover a moving, powerful theology with which to confront and change the problems which blight peoples' lives and make the teachings of Jesus live in their locality.


Seeking the authentic Church for the New Communities

Edited by  Laurie Green and Chris Baker, Research Director of the William Temple Foundation and part-time lecturer, University of Manchester. The contributors include Michael Fox, John Perumbalath, Sue Hutson and Bishop B

The new urban areas are reshaping much of Britain. Those who live, work or minister within them are not only at the cutting edge of new forms of built environment, they must also discover new ways of being community and contemplate new expressions of Church. All this demands careful and bold analysis and creative theological reflection. While powerful global economic forces are changing our landscapes, human beings have to wrestle with themes of belonging and identity. The gospel engages with these human narratives, driving and shaping a Christian search for alternative perspectives and practices. What are the appropriate building projects, mission programmes and lifestyles that will be effective in meeting the                                                          challenges of these urban settlements? How should other areas respond? 

The write
rs of this book have worked together as a group, mapping the new situation, analysing their findings and drawing out those themes which demand attention, making it possible to reflect theologically about the challenges of our newly built urban developments.

Resume of Building Utopia? by Chris Baker, April 2009

Review of Building Utopia? by The Right Reverend John Gladwin, Bishop of Chelmsford

Urban Ministry in a Global Context, address at book launch of Urban Ministry and the Kingdom of God, SPCK, 2003 UTOPIA?

Seeking the authentic Church for New Communities

Bishop Laurie has contributed to many other books but recently two chapters to a new book entitled Crossover City.    1."I Can't Go There!: The Urban Vocation", 2.  "God is a Group?: The Persistent Presence of the Holy Spirit." 

'Crossover City will raise the game for many of those engaged with passion and delight in the joys and struggles of urban ministry.This ministry is lived out in the shadow of the cross and in the light of the resurrection. It is a ministry of pain and healing, of suffering and joy. Increasingly it is a complicated ministry, as communities within communities learn to live creatively with difference and diversity, and to celebrate these as gracious gifts of God. Our deliberations in urban theology, reflected in the various essays in this book, are all geared to helping God's people in the city live out the joy, simplicity, and compassion of the Gospel.This book should go some way to open the ears of some of our clergy to the call of God to the inner city, and to ministry on "difficult" estates.'
From the Foreword by Archbishop John Sentamu

Theological reflection, case studies and new insights come together as practitioners, theologians and urban clergy reflect on the presence of the Church in urban communities asking, how might we speak of urban mission in the twenty-first century?

Crossover City confronts the theological priorities of the Church as it attempts to hold the tensions between expectations of its partnership in social regeneration and welfare and its prophetic voice through its continued and transformative presence in the poorest marginalized communities. It challenges the way theology is often done in isolated factions that deny the openness and collaboration which must underpin the transformative mission our urban areas cry out for. Crossover C/ty is critical reading for those in theological training and parish ministry seeking resources for a creative and radical witness in our increasingly urban world.


A Thing called Aston 'An Experiment in Reflective Learning' with Norman Todd and others, Church House Publishing, 1987


My Faith My Story, a Theological Method, Urban Theology Unit, New City Series, Sheffield, May 1998

God in the Inner City, Urban Theology Unit, New City Series, Sheffield, 1992

Jesus and the Jubilee, Crux Press, Sheffield UK, 1997 (pp 27)

The Challenge of the Estates: Strategies & Theology for Housing Estate Ministry, Board for Social Responsibilty, Church House, Westminster, 1998 (pp 25)

Challenging Communities - Church related Community Development & Neighbourhood Renewal with Finneron, Harley and Robertson, CUF & CCWA, 2001

Chapters in other books

"Blowing Bubbles: Poplar" God in the City, ed. Sedgewick, Mowbray, 1995

"The Body: Physicality in the UPA" God in the City, ed. Sedgewick, Mowbray, 1995

"Distilling the Wisdom" with Prof. David Ford, God in the City, ed. Sedgewick, Mowbray, 1995

"The Jesus of the Inner City" Urban Christ, ed. Duffield, Urban Theology Unit, 1997

"What then must we do?" Proclaim Liberty: Reflections on Theology and Debt, Christian Aid, 1998

"Gospel from the Underclass" Gospel from the City

British Liberation Theology 2, ed. Rowland & Vincent, Urban Theology Unit, 199?

"Global Urbanization: A Christian Response" Beyond Colonial Anglicanism: The Anglican Communion in the Twenty-first Century, ed. Ian Douglas & Kwok Pui-lan, Church Publishing Inc., New York, 2001

Forward to Urban Christianity & Global Order, Andrew Davey, SPCK, 2001

"International Development and the Kingdom of God" Leva i Varlden, Kalstad, Sweden, 2002

Preface to Seeds are Sown in Hope: A Story of the Origins of InterAct, Rowland Joiner

"Friendship, Community and the Kingdom of God" A Last Embrace, Essays in Honour of Nadir Dinshaw, ed. Andrew Deuchar, Carins Publications, 2003

'I Can't Go There!": The Urban Vocation, and God is a Group?: The Persistent Presence of the Holy Spirit.
Crossover City, Continuum, 2010, ISBN 978-1-4411-3864-4,
Resources for Urban Mission and Transformation, edited by Andrew Davey

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Let's do Theology: a pastoral cycle resource book, Cassell, 1990; reprinted by Continuum, ISBN 0-8264-6095-X  THIS IS THE OLD EDITION AND THE NEW EDITION IS COMPLETELY REWORKED. IF YOU ARE USING THIS EDITION, IT IS OUT OF DATE - GET THE NEW ONE, as explained above.


For your information, this is the Cover of the first edition of

Let's Do Theology, which was published in 1990. It went through many reprintings before it was totally revised and updated. The new edition is featured at the top of this page and was published in2009.