Other Writings by Laurie Green

As well as my books, I have written on many issues and topics. Much of this material is in print.

Here you'll find booklets, chapters I've written for books others have edited, lots of articles and papers. Scroll down to explore - I hope you'll find something to interest.


My Faith My Story, a Theological Method, Urban Theology Unit, New City Series, Sheffield, May 1998

God in the Inner City, Urban Theology Unit, New City Series, Sheffield, 1992

Jesus and the Jubilee, Crux Press, Sheffield UK, 1997 (pp 27)

The Challenge of the Estates: Strategies & Theology for Housing Estate Ministry, Board for Social Responsibilty, Church House, Westminster, 1998 (pp 25)

Challenging Communities - Church related Community Development & Neighbourhood Renewal with Finneron, Harley and Robertson, CUF & CCWA, 2001


"Blowing Bubbles: Poplar" God in the City, ed. Sedgewick, Mowbray, 1995

"The Body: Physicality in the UPA" God in the City, ed. Sedgewick, Mowbray, 1995

"Distilling the Wisdom" with Prof. David Ford, God in the City, ed. Sedgewick, Mowbray, 1995

"The Jesus of the Inner City" Urban Christ, ed. Duffield, Urban Theology Unit, 1997

"What then must we do?" Proclaim Liberty: Reflections on Theology and Debt, Christian Aid, 1998

"Gospel from the Underclass" Gospel from the City

British Liberation Theology 2, ed. Rowland & Vincent, Urban Theology Unit, 199?

"Global Urbanization: A Christian Response" Beyond Colonial Anglicanism: The Anglican Communion in the Twenty-first Century, ed. Ian Douglas & Kwok Pui-lan, Church Publishing Inc., New York, 2001

Forward to Urban Christianity & Global Order, Andrew Davey, SPCK, 2001

"International Development and the Kingdom of GodLeva i Varlden, Kalstad, Sweden, 2002

Preface to Seeds are Sown in Hope: A Story of the Origins of InterAct, Rowland Joiner

"Friendship, Community and the Kingdom of God" A Last Embrace, Essays in Honour of Nadir Dinshaw, ed. Andrew Deuchar, Carins Publications, 2003

'I Can't Go There!": The Urban Vocation, and God is a Group?: The Persistent Presence of the Holy Spirit.
Crossover City, Continuum, 2010, ISBN 978-1-4411-3864-4Resources for Urban Mission and Transformationedited by Andrew Davey


The Decaying Cities of Britain, St George's Windsor Annual Review, 1984

The Church in the Way, Community, No.62, Spring 1992

What then must we do?, Proclaim Liberty - Reflections on Theology & Debt, Christian Aid, 1998

Oral Culture and the World of Words, Theology, September 1999 (shorter version of a paper at given at the Theological Education by Extension Forum Conference, January 1998)

What is Political Theology?, review article in Christian Socialist, January 2000

Introducing Political Theology, January 2002

Reading the Bible in Context, The Reader, November 2004


Church in the Way? - Making links between Church and Locality, a paper written in 1992 when Laurie Green was Team Rector of Poplar in the East End of London

The Kingdom of God and the Year of Jubilee, January 1997

The Trinity and the Local Church, Willesden Episcopal Area Conference, Swanwick, October 1997

Oral Culture and the World of Words, Theological Education by Extension Forum Conference, January 1998

International Debt, Jubilee 2000 Peoples Summit, 1998

Towards an International Anglican Network and Commission on Faith in an Urban World, February 1999

The Place of the Church in the 21st Century, Anglia Polytechnic University, 23rd May 2000

Addressing Urbanisation - A way forward for the Anglican Communion, September 2000

Towards an Urban Strategy for the Church of England, December 2001

Enriching our Theology, Lincoln Diocesan Day, 2005

Olympic Games 2012, presented at Stratford Circus, 9 March 2006

A new way of being Church for a new millenium

In the Kingdom of the Shopping Trolley, Church of England Newspaper

The Church and Community Work

Report from the New Urban Areas Group of the Commission, established February 2004

New Opportunities Funding, a submission to Church Commissioners, 15th October 2007

Bible Study - allowing the Bible to speak to our 'Regeneration' situation

The Christian at Work, reflections on Bishops in Mission in the Thurrock Deanery, 22nd March 2000

Unity and Plurality from an Anglican Perspective, a seminar paper, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2007

Social Exclusion, a short paper introducing the term to Synod

The Estate We're In, Bible study notes from National Estate Churches Network 2007 National Conference

Urban Seminar, Madurai, India, 2008

Bradwell Papers

A modest theological journal for the Clergy and Lay Workers of the Diocese of Chelmsford

  1. Spring 1994
    Christ and Culture, Bishop Laurie (Bradwell Clergy Study Day 1993)
    Theology and the Rural, Canon John Brown, Bishop's Rural Officer
    Chops and Tomato Sauce, Bishop Laurie 
    Church in Black and White, Book Review, Andrew Cozens
  2. Winter 1994
    London's Gehenna, The Rev'd Jake Loewendahl 
    Late Vocations, a poem by Andrew J Powney 
    Jottings from Norfolk, The Rev'd Sylvia Wood 
    Reflections of an NSM, The Rev'd Don Gordon 
    Freed for the Future, Debt and the "Underclass" ,+Laurie Bradwell 
    Temptations, a poem by Barbara Moss
  3. 1996
    Team Work in Parishes, a report by Andrew Wigram 
    Churches in the High Street, Barbara Moss 
    The Rainbow People of God, a book review by David Jennings 
    The House of God and the Home of the Church, suggestions in re-ordering a church by Mark Pudge 
    An effective Church in the City where anything goes, a study of the Ephesian Church by Peter Sandberg
  4. Jesus and the Jubilee - The Kingdom of God & Our New Millenium, 1997
    1. Release: The Old Testament Vision 
    2. The breakdown of the Jubilee system 
    3. Jesus identifies himself with Jubilee 
    4. The structural nature of sin 
    5. Jesus engages the structures of sin 
    6. What then must we do? 
    7. Some ready responses 
    8. Some preliminary conclusions
  5. Winter 1997
    The Priest as Parson, Canon Trevor Shannon 
    The View from the Vicarage, The Rev'd Jim Bateman 
    The Authority of the Bible, The Rev'd Colin Hopkinson
  6. When God Calls - A Series of Bible Studies by Fr Robin Eastoe, 1998
    Isaiah, Isaiah 6.1-9 
    The Call of the Fishermen, Mark 2.16-20 
    Mary, Luke 1.26-38 
    The Woman at the Well, John 4.1-30
  7. January 2000
    The Shape of the Eucharist, A Congregation’s View, The Rev'd Dr I. H. Jorysz 
    I am Young and You are Old, Sermon for the Licensing of Cpt Trevor Clark as Bradwell Area Youth Officer, Lynn Money 
    Wrestling with Genesis, The Rev'd Ivor Moody 
    Body and Soul, The Rev'd Robert Hampson
  8. Winter 2001
    International Development and the Kingdom of God, Bishop Laurie 
    Bishop Edward, A Personal Tribute by Archdeacon Martin Wallace 
    The Peace of God, Bishop Edward 
    Shedding the Leaves, Farewell Sermon by Bishop Edward 
    Midwife Evangelists: Some Thoughts, Sister Penny Horseman CA
  9. Spring 2003
    It Is Finished, a meditation on Good Friday by Robin Eastoe 
    Corpus Christi, a sermon by Sister Mary of Burford Priory 
    A Seasonal Reflection on Christmas, Martin Edwards 
    Conflict, a retreat meditation by Carla Hampton 
    Beginnings and Endings ... Creating Liturgies for our Spaces and Times, Ivor Moody
  10. Spring 2004
    Archaeology and Faith, Dr Rupert Chapman 
    Losing Interest, The Rev'd John Richardson 
    Rituals for Food, The Rev'd Ivor Moody
  11. Facing Regeneration - Community Regeneration & Development in the Chelmsford Diocese, 2005
    The Purpose of this Report
    1.   The Global Scene
    2.   How our people are affected
    3.   What is the governmet's aim?
    4.   Areas of growth in the Diocese
    5.   East London
    6.   South Essex
    7.   Stansted & the M11 corridor
    8.   Across the rest of Essex
    9.   Some issues from East London
    10. Some issues from Essex
    11. Church Faith Issues to tackle
    12. Engaging Regeneration
    Where do we go next?
    Some Resources
    a.   The housing issue
    b.   Bible Study
    c.   Contacts & other information

East Window

The Chelmsford Diocesan Newsletter

At my Consecration, May 1993
Learning to care, April 1998
Growing old gracefully, July 1998
God's mission or ours?, February 1999
What are we communicating?, August 1999
The dear old C of E, April 2000
Variety is the spice of life, July 2000
Christian Horses for Courses, March 2001
Too bee or not to bee?, June 2002
Illness reflections, January 2003
It's for you, 2003
No time at all, March 2004
Something old-Something new, 2004
Trust them or sue them, Spring 2005
Love in action, June 2005
You'll be a man, my son, July 2006
Happy in my skin, 2006
Glory to God in the High st
I am the door
Innoculated against Christianity

Sermons and Addresses

Show us the Father, sermon at Brentwood School, January 1999

A sermon on aging preached in Chelmsford Cathedral at the 50th Anniversary for Abbeyfield Homes

Address at the Madurai & Ramnad Diocesan Synod, 12th November 2005

International Development and the Kingdom of God, a talk given at the American College, Madurai, 15th November 2005

Address given at the Funeral of Chris Bard in Chelmsford Cathedral, Tuesday 18th September 2007

Sermon given at the Chrism Mass, Chelmsford Cathedral, Maundy Thursday, 20 March 2008

Sermon given at Justices' Service, Chelmsford Cathedral, 10th October 2010


Common Religion Today, a lecture at Manchester Cathedral, February, 1999

Proclaiming the Gospel in Capital Cities - a short lecture delivered to a mixed audience of specialists in Urban Ministry drawn from Berlin and London, 4th May 2000

Addressing the Global City, Texas 2002

Urban Ministry in a Global Context, address at book launch of Urban Ministry and the Kingdom of God, SPCK, 2003

The Kingdom Vision, a talk given at the AGM of the Episcopal City Mission, Massachusetts, June 2005

Globalisation and Christian Living, a talk given at 'Wellspring 2005' in Kent

 SPCK, 2008, ISBN 978-0-281-05867-9