The word ‘globalisation’ first appeared in an advertisement for American Express Cards. It has come to represent a world where we observe an intimate connection both economically and socially into a dominating cultural totality. Against this pressure for unification is a backlash of localisation where each culture and subculture thrusts against its own extinction – what has been called identity politics. Western capitalism is ahead of this backlash with the concept of ‘glocalisation’ (originally a Japanese concept) where the control remains central but the impression is given that the local is the market’s major concern. With Neo-liberalism has come the rise of the notion that the Market is God – and globalisation today has a distinct neo-liberal flavour. Bishop Laurie’s international travel has informed his thinking and writing on this important subject – and his understanding is that we cannot understand either Globalisation nor Urbanisation today without appreciating how the one is dynamically interconnected to the other.



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on my way home I stayed for a while in Dubai – renowned for its wealth – but I stayed with the Anglican Chaplaincy which is also working with the desperately poor workers who are constructing this playground for the rich. They live in atrocious conditions in men-only work camps outside city limits and are bussed in and out to work their gruelling shifts on the great skyscrapers of the city. There is no unionisation and the work is very dangerous and they have no redress, even though many workers lose their lives in the construction process.


The Anglican Chaplaincy is deeply caring for all concerned and the Dubai Government allows the Christian community to worship on Fridays so it was there that I was pleased to conduct a confirmation service.


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