A Selection of Articles:

In the Kingdom of the Shopping Trolley, Church of England Newspaper

Introducing Political Theology, January 2002

Oral Culture and the World of Words, in Theology, September 1999 (shorter version of a paper given at the Theological Education by Extension Forum Conference, January 1998)

Reading the Bible in Context, The Reader, November 2004

The Church in the Way, in Community, No.62, Spring 1992

The Decaying Cities of Britain, in St George's Windsor Annual Review, 1984

What is Political Theology?, review article in Christian Socialist, January 2000

What then must we do? in Proclaim Liberty - Reflections on Theology & Debt, Christian Aid, 1998

A Selection of Papers:

A new way of being Church for a new millennium

Addressing Urbanisation - A way forward for the Anglican Communion, September 2000

Church in the Way? - Making links between Church and Locality, a paper written in 1992 when Laurie Green was Team Rector of Poplar in the East End of London

Enriching our Theology, Lincoln Diocesan Day, 2005

International Debt, Jubilee 2000 Peoples Summit, 1998

New Opportunities Funding, a submission to Church Commissioners, 15th October 2007

Olympic Games 2012, presented at Stratford Circus, 9 March 2006

Oral Culture and the World of Words, Theological Education by Extension Forum Conference, January 1998

Postcolonial Theology ~ an Introduction:  notes used by Laurie in Theology seminar 2019

Report from the New Urban Areas Group of the Commission, established February 2004

Social Exclusion, a short paper introducing the term to Synod

The Christian at Work, reflections on Bishops in Mission in the Thurrock Deanery, 22nd March 2000

The Church and Community Work

The Kingdom of God and the Year of Jubilee, January 1997

The Place of the Church in the 21st Century, Anglia Polytechnic University, 23rd May 2000

The Trinity and the Local Church, Willesden Episcopal Area Conference, Swanwick, October 1997

Towards an International Anglican Network and Commission on Faith in an Urban World, February 1999

Towards an Urban Strategy for the Church of England, December 2001

Unity and Plurality from an Anglican Perspective, a seminar paper, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2007

Urban Seminar, Madurai, India, 2008

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