“The Bradwell Papers”

edited by Laurie Green

A modest theological journal

for the Clergy & Lay Ministers

of Chelmsford Diocese
1994  - 2005

1.Spring 1994

Christ and Culture, Bishop Laurie (Bradwell Clergy Study Day 1993)

Theology and the Rural, Canon John Brown, Bishop's Rural Officer

Chops and Tomato Sauce, Bishop Laurie

Church in Black and White, Book Review, Andrew Cozens

2.Winter 1994

London's Gehenna, The Rev'd Jake Loewendahl

Late Vocations, a poem by Andrew J Powney

Jottings from Norfolk, The Rev'd Sylvia Wood

Reflections of an NSM, The Rev'd Don Gordon

Freed for the Future, Debt and the "Underclass" ,+Laurie Bradwell

Temptations, a poem by Barbara Moss


Team Work in Parishes, a report by Andrew Wigram

Churches in the High Street, Barbara Moss

The Rainbow People of God, a book review by David Jennings

The House of God and the Home of the Church, suggestions in re-ordering a church by Mark Pudge

An effective Church in the City where anything goes, a study of the Ephesian Church by Peter Sandberg

4.Jesus and the Jubilee - The Kingdom of God & Our New Millenium, 1997

1. Release: The Old Testament Vision

2. The breakdown of the Jubilee system

3. Jesus identifies himself with Jubilee

4. The structural nature of sin

5. Jesus engages the structures of sin

6. What then must we do?

7. Some ready responses

8. Some preliminary conclusions

5.Winter 1997

The Priest as Parson, Canon Trevor Shannon

The View from the Vicarage, The Rev'd Jim Bateman

The Authority of the Bible, The Rev'd Colin Hopkinson

6.When God Calls - A Series of Bible Studies by Fr Robin Eastoe, 1998

Isaiah, Isaiah 6.1-9

The Call of the Fishermen, Mark 2.16-20

Mary, Luke 1.26-38

The Woman at the Well, John 4.1-30

7.January 2000

The Shape of the Eucharist, A Congregation’s View, The Rev'd Dr I. H. Jorysz

I am Young and You are Old, Sermon for the Licensing of Cpt Trevor Clark
as Bradwell Area Youth Officer, Lynn Money

Wrestling with Genesis, The Rev'd Ivor Moody

Body and Soul, The Rev'd Robert Hampson

8.Winter 2001

International Development and the Kingdom of God, Bishop Laurie

Bishop Edward, A Personal Tribute by Archdeacon Martin Wallace

The Peace of God, Bishop Edward

Shedding the Leaves, Farewell Sermon by Bishop Edward

Midwife Evangelists: Some Thoughts, Sister Penny Horseman CA

9.Spring 2003

It Is Finished, a meditation on Good Friday by Robin Eastoe

Corpus Christi, a sermon by Sister Mary of Burford Priory

A Seasonal Reflection on Christmas, Martin Edwards

Conflict, a retreat meditation by Carla Hampton

Beginnings and Endings ... Creating Liturgies for our Spaces and Times, Ivor Moody

10.Spring 2004

Archaeology and Faith, Dr Rupert Chapman

Losing Interest, The Rev'd John Richardson

Rituals for Food, The Rev'd Ivor Moody

11.  Special Edition: Community and Renewal 2005

Bradwell Papers 11 - Facing Regeneration