Below are subject headings and names of famous books. Click on any and find my outline notes of each. Some  are detailed, some sketchy - none do justice to the actual book. But I hope they help busy people.



Here's my answer:


Ian Douglas & Kwok Pui-Lan (eds): Beyond Colonial Anglicanism. 2001

Miranda Hassett:  The Anglican Communion in Crisis.  2007

Rowan Strong: Anglicanism and the British Empire 1700 - 1850 


                1  HEBREW SCRIPTURES  (i.e. Old Testament)

Walter Brueggemann: The Psalms & the Life of Faith. 1995

                2   NEW TESTAMENT STUDIES

Crossan & Reed: Excavating Jesus. 2001

Crossan & Reed: In Search of Paul

Michael Goulder: A Tale of Two Missions. 1994

Lucas Grollenberg: Paul  1978

William Herzog: Jesus, Justice and the Reign of God 2000

Horsely & Silbermann: The Message and the Kingdom. 1997

Richard Horsley: Hearing the Whole Story. 2001

Richard Horsely: Jesus and Empire. 2003

Jane Kopas: Outsiders in the Gospels (paper in The Way)

David Rhoads: The Challenge of Diversity.  1996

Sawicki: Crossing Galilee (thoughts drawn from this book)

Theissen & Merz: The Historical Jesus ~ a comprehensive guide.  1996/8

Sam Wells: A Nazareth Manifesto. 2015

John J Vincent (Ed) Mark's Gospel of Action. 2006

Rowan Williams: Meeting God in Mark. 2014

Tom Wright :  Lecture on Apocalyptic

           THE CHURCH

Leonardo Boff: Ecclesiogenesis:  1986

Ian Douglas: Fling our the Banner

Dan Hardy: Finding the Church.  2001

Early Church History ~ Major figures.

Eduardo Hoornaert: The Memory of the Christian People. 1989

Lambeth Essays: Fallible Church 2008

Stuart Murray: A Vast Minority. 2015

Timothy Radcliffe: Address to English Bishops 2007

Sachs: Transformation of Anglicanism

Peter Selby: BeLonging

Keith Ward: History of Global Anglicanism


Benjamin Barber: Jihad vs. McWorld.  1992

Elizabeth Bounds: Coming Together and Apart. 97

Clifford Geertz: The Interpretation of Cultures 1973

Will Kymlicka: Rights of Minority Cultures  95

Louis Luzbetak: The Church and Culture  1988

Tarik Modood: Politics of Multiculturalism 97

Richard Schreiter: Constructing Local Theologies Chapter 3. 

Cornell West: Politics of Difference  93

               DOING THEOLOGY

Paul Ballard & John Prichard: Practical Theology in Action. 2006

Stephen Bevans: Models of Contextual Theology.  2002

Elaine Graham, Heather Watson, Frances Ward: Theological Reflection Methods

Robert Kinast: Let Ministry Teach. 1996

Robert Kinast: What are they saying about Theological Reflection? 2000

Patricia O'Connell Killen & John de Beer: The Art of Theological Reflection. 1994

John Reader: Local Theology.  1994

Robert Schreiter: Constructing Local Theologies.  1985

Clemens Sedmak: Doing Local Theology. 2002

Judith Thompson, Stephen Pattison, Ross Thompson: Theological Reflection. 2008

Terry Veling: PracticaL Theology. 2005

James Whitehead & Evelyn Whitehead: Method in Ministry.  1995


Leonardo Boff:  Trinity and Society.  1988

Leonardo Boff: Chapter in Systematic Theol (Sobrino & Ellacuria) Orbis

Nicholas Lash: Believing Three Ways in God.  1992

Miroslav Volf: After our Likeness.  1998


Brueggemann: Always in the Shadow of Empire (2000)

Douglas & Pui-Lan: Beyond Colonial Anglicanism (2001)

Laurie Green: Unity and Diverstity ((2007)

Hassett to Jenkins (open letter) New Faces of Christianity

Philip Jenkins: The Next Christendom. (2002)

Keller, Hausner, et al: Postcolonial Theologieds (2004)

Kopas: from Outsiders in the Gospel.

Briant Myers: Walking with the Poor (2011)

Keith Ward: Rethinking Christianity (2007)


Hewer CTR: Understanding Islam

Sen K M:  Hinduism (Pelican 1961)

Keith Ward:  Religion and Creation 96

            MISSION & MINISTRY

A C Abraham: Liberative Solidarity Chapter 1

A C Abraham: Liberative Solidarity Chapter 9

A C Abraham: Liberative Solidarity Chapter 10

Christopher Duraisingh: World Mission 2008

Robin Greenwood: Practising Community

Robin Greenwood: Transforming Priesthood

David Heyward: Reimagining Ministry

Hoekendijk: Church Inside Out

Peterson: Under the Unpredictable Plant - Vocational Holiness (1992)


Teasdale: The Mystic Heart: discovering a Universal Spirituality (1999)

Neville Ward:  The Use of Praying (1976)

            THEOLOGY ~ GENERAL

LaCugna: Freeing Theology in Feminist Perspective

John Robinson: Honest to God.   1963

John V Taylor. The Christlike God. 1992

Paul Tillich: Systematic Theology. Volume 1. 1953

Paul Tillich: Systematic Theology. Volume 2. 1957

Paul Tillich: Systematic Theology. Volume 3. 1964

Paul Tillich: The Courage to Be. chapter 6+. 1952

Miroslav Volf: Exclusion and Embrace. 1996

Keith Ward: Rethinking Christianity (2007)

Sam Wells: A Nazareth Manifesto (2015)

Rowan Williams: Resurrection. 1982

Brian Wren: What language shall I borrow? Feminist Theol from Male


LCC: Planned Residential Developments (2010)

Lynsey Hanley: The Estates (2007)

Owen Jones: Chavs (2011) 

Jones & Murie: The Right to Buy (2006)


Raymond Bakke: A Theology as big as the City (1997)

Tim Chester: Unreached.  (2012)

Harvey Conn & Manual Ortiz: Urban Ministry 

Elaine Graham & Stephen Lowe: What makes a good city? (2009)

Laurie Green: Building Utopia? the theology of the book.

Laurie Green: The Challenge of the Estates (1999)

Laurie Green: Urban Ministry & the Kingdom of God (2003)

Joe Hasler: Mind Body and Esates (2000)

Kilpin & Murray: Church Planting in the Inner City (2007)

Ken Leech: Through our Long Exile (2001)

Trevor Lockwood: The Church on the Housing Esate (1993)

Adrian Newman: So Yesterday (2010)

David Sheppard: Built as a City (1974)

John Vincent: Faithfulness in the City (2003)


Rod Garner: Facing the City (2004)

Habitat 2001: Cities in a Globalising World  (report)

David Harvey: Spaces of Hope (2000)

Doreen Massey: World City (2007)

Massey, Allen & Pile: Understanding Cities - World Cities (1999)

Andy Merrifield: Metro-Marxism (2002)

Eleonor Myers: Envisioning the New City (2004)

Potter & Lloyd & Evans: The City in teh Developing World (1998)

Graham Ward: Cities of God (2000)

Titles still to be uploaded.