"Mission" is one of those words that we throw around without defining it carefully. That way we're apt to misplace our energies.

Trying to direct our work correctly is looked at in a paper I wrote back in 1992 when I was Team Rector of Popar Parish in the East End of London.

Read Church in the Way? - Making links between Church and Locality,

In the year 2000 I spent a few months shadowing Christians in their everyday work. Night shifts and day jobs, offices, farms and factories. I then gathered local Christians for seminars to discuss what how their faith impacted work and vice versa. The issues were challenging!

Read my reflections in

"The Christian at Work"


Before we engage in mission it's as well to have a notion of the plusses and minuses of the different approaches.  Here are some thoughts based on Niebhur's book: Christ and Culture  CLICK HERE

There are many partners around with whom the Church must work, not least Local Government and Public Bodies. Handling this can be difficult for the Church in Mission. I offered a lecture to the East of England Churches Group entitled:

The Church and Community Work

St Francis is reputed to have said to his followers, "Preach the Gospel always. Use words if necesssary." Even Evangelism can therefore take many forms. I shared a thought on this in

God's Mission or Ours? ,  February 1999

The Church can be a bar to the Christian Faith as well as a way in. Here's a  very short piece entitled:

I am the Door,

In our mission it is important for us to be able to give a good account of our faith when challenged. Our own Christian education is therefore crucial,

as I argued in:

inInoculated against Christianity.

Traditionalists and Modernists within the Church clash about how mission should be undertaken.I offered a short reflection on this dilemma in:

Christian Horses for Courses, Church Unity,  March 2001