An Audience with Bishop Laurie

Recently I have enjoyed offering “An Audience with the Bishop” – an entertainment with guitar and stories, and a break for questions and answers. If you would like a visit, email me. Click on the poster below to download it and fill in your own details. The font you need to view and edit the poster correctly may be downloaded here. Please also download my guidelines for holding an event.



Three Men in a Boat

Bishop Laurie is one of the Patrons of Annie Mawson’s Sunbeam Music Trust.

“Many will know Annie and her Celtic Harp from her singing in Bradwell Chapel and in our Cathedral at special events. But did you know that Annie established and runs one of the most wonderful music charities in the world?"

"Miracles happen through music almost every day at the Trust where children, and adults too, find themselves released from their disabilities by their experience of hearing and making music.”

Recently Bishop Laurie was happy to make a fool of himself but needed our help to do it! Along with two other champions of the Sunbeams Trust he set sail on the treacherous seas of Lake Windemere – and he can hardly swim! They called the escapade ‘Three Men in a Boat’. A judge, David Lawson, a bishop, Laurie Green, and a ‘pirate’, Michael Lawson-Johnson were the three intrepid sailors who undertook to sail for 24 hours up and down Lake Windermere. All bottles of rum were removed from the vessel to the dismay of the crew! But nevertheless they lived to tell the tale. Bishop Laurie wants to thank all those individuals and parishes who sent donations to make it all worthwhile.

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