I'm perhaps best-known as the author of 'Let's Do Theology' which introduced Britain to the contextual pastoral cycle diagram now used extensively in colleges and elsewhere. But I was born and bred a London Eastender, my first jobs being a hair dresser and in the local Jellied Eel factory where my mother had worked for many years. My father had been a seaman but later a bus driver. The family were keen Marxists. After school I went to Birmingham to live in a Christian commune and worked in a mental hospital with a team of Educational Psychologists. I was oon the team at a club for Hell's Angels and after studies at London University it was a Masters degree in New York, playing my guitar in the city's nightclubs and then living with hippies in San Francisco. Back in England I maried and was ordained in 1970 to serve a vast housing estate in Birmingham.


 I was vicar of a Methodist/Anglican church whilst also serving as Industrial Chaplain and chair of Birmingham Council of Churches Youth Department having founded the Powerhouse Youth Club for local 'Skinheads'.

Seven years as Principal of a national theology course (the Aston Training Scheme) then back to my  native East End as Team Rector of Poplar – which included London Docklands and abject poverty.

I spent eighteen wonderful years as Bishop of Bradwell in Essex during which I was a founder and chair of the National Estate Churches Network, chair of the Church's Urban Strategy Committee and with Dr Andrew Davey, co-founded the Anglican Network on Global Urbanisation.

My journeys to India led to the founding of  Building Better Futures International. a charity which has transformed thousands of lives among abjectly poor urban Indians. I have an intense interest in Liberation Theology remaining politically active in retirement and still teaching here and internationally. 

I'm the Bishop for the Anglican Benedictine nuns at Malling Abbey Kent, and try to help people with their prayer life.

I live with Vicki my wife in Sussex, not too far from our children and their families. I play jazz guitar, give folksong concerts and live healthily on tablets and prayer.

I hope that gives you some background to what you'll see on my pages.